Reality Show Contestant Claims She Was Falsely Imprisoned in SoBe

Before we posted on College Hill yesterday we had never heard of BET's Real World-esque show. We still haven't seen an episode. Yet, the upcoming season filmed on South Beach may be our next favorite guilty pleaser, teevee train wreck. That's what happens when you get fightin' cast member and unscrupulous producers.

Now first off, this is from Media Take Out -- the most ridiculous gossip site ever -- and even they're not sure that they believe it. Seems, the site uncovered a blog allegedly written by cast member Terri. On the first day in their SoBe pad, she gets into a fight with a roommate and beaks down. She claims the producers then locked her in a hotel room, forbid her from calling her parents, and tried to get her back on set to film her crying those sweet, sweet tears or ratings gold. They then put her in a limo and told the driver to take her to a shooting location. Terri claims she then paid the driver to instead take her to her families house somewhere in South Florida.

There seems to be some credence to this. We were kind of puzzled when the press release we got listed the cast as having four girls, and three guys, while the photo had three girls and four guys. They describe Terri as the "peagent queen," but she's not in any of the cast pictures. So, we're guessing she gets replaced in the first episode with a guy. Super detective work there.

Anyway, we probably weren't going to watch this show before hand, but the first episode at least, is now Riptide must-see-tv when it premiers next Tuesday at 10pm.

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