Real World: The Most Confusing "Learn To Speak English, Ya Damn Immigrants" Rant Ever

Last night on the Real World ,local boy JD had a dramatic episode: trying to locate a mysterious buzzing, fighting over stolen condoms, paying drag queens for their kissing services, and hugging it out with a teary Mormon mother. But things turned dark when JD revealed that his father had recently set up credit cards in his name, so he went to the gay bar and got gay drunk. 

He waddles in late at night and starts cracking, "I am sick of these people who can't speak English." Which at first I thought was a joke because ol' JD is a Miami Cuban, and pretty much everyone in Miami has given up on the person at the bodega being able to speak a comprehensible language. Well, he actually had a Tom Tancredo moment over some Asian lady who thought he wanted cigarettes when he just needed chapstick. Dear God, the audacity of these people just trying to make a living! Don't they have time or money to learn another language? How rude!

Chet, the hipster Mormon, who always seems eager to erupt in some sort of passion with JD, gets in his face. In true Real World-style, a fight ensues. You can watch the whole episode online (JD gets drunk around the 20 minute mark).

While we're on the subject of Real World: Brooklyn. If Katalyne is supposed to be the poster girl for Transwoman, can't Chet be the poster boy for non-Gay hating Mormons? Latter, after JD and Chet make up, Chet even comments that some day JD will make a great gay dad. Awww.

Also, why is JD inexplicable so familiar with New York? The narrative in the show hasn't explained this. He seems to particularly know his way around Chelsea. Which, hmmm, just so happens to be where Anderson Cooper used to live. Not saying, just saying.

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