Reader Mail: Tattoo Wait Debate

Tattoo Wait Debate

Or is it weight?: In regard to Allie Conti's September 19 story, "Ink Stink," maybe we should do this with restaurants also. I feel hungry, but damn I have to wait 24 hours because by eating now, I could be making a mistake because My Fitness Pal app on my phone said that I've already eaten my allotted calories for the day and I might become overweight. Bullshit! Our government is out of control, and we the people allow this bullshit! JOE VAN

Meaningless: A one-day waiting period wouldn't make much of a difference. How does one day stop someone from getting a dumb tattoo? You would be enacting laws that don't mean anything. YUBERNIZ YUBI ORENGO

Intrusive: Government should stay out of my business. It's my decision to make and my consequences to bear. AILEEN DIAZ

Interfering: Just what we need... more government interference into our personal lives. NASJOJ OSNOLA

Bad for the economy: Does anyone realize many of our local tattoo shops make a living off tourists? A waiting period is just a way to kill off yet another small business. CHRISTINE KING

The bastards sure don't police themselves: A quote in the story states: "The common sentiment is that tattoo artists can police themselves. There's an industry ethic against inking the visibly inebriated." Ha! Not on Miami Beach! I got my first Miami Beach tattoo while I was fairly inebriated. Did they attempt to stop me or talk me out of it? Yeah, right. Money talks! MANDELAMANCHA

Second priority: Why don't they enforce more cell phone/driving laws before they try to tell us what we should do with our own bodies? What's next? A beheading if you're too thin or too heavy? BPLP! LATINCURVS

This ain't Cuba: Waiting period?! We live in America, and it's not like a drug or a weapon! Dade County, stay out of my ink! ERIKACE

Age appropriate: There should be a waiting period for 21 years and younger, yes. Once you're over 21 and you want to get it wherever, then it's on you. SHARON WILSON DASS

Constitution appropriate: A waiting period would be a violation of First Amendment rights. JUAN SANTANA

Cops Are Questionable

Hypocrisy rules: In regard to Chuck Strouse's "Serious Self-Incrimination" (September 19), Miami has becomes just a bunch of snitch bitches. And by the way, I'm always amused at the amount of the bust and the overinflated value police put on the pot! I guess they prefer people to go into dangerous situations to buy some Mexican brick to make the cartels stronger. So according to the police tally, each plant produced two pounds in yield? What strain was that? Also, it's highly hypocritical that in Washington state and other states, they have virtually decriminalized cannabis, yet here people who smoke are cold-blooded drug dealers. The laws are biased. ILLWILLED19

Motorcycle Death

Film in its future: Kyle Swenson's September 19 story, "Bill Warner, King of Land Speed Racing, Was the Fastest Motorcycle Rider on Earth" was a great read. This is a movie waiting to happen. GUMSANDALS

Beautiful: You guys post up great, inspirational stories! Keep up the amazing work, Miami New Times. JOSE E. TELLO

Alabama's Invention

A Saban obsession: Luther Campbell's September 19 column, "Twerking Is Just Booty Dancing," is wrong. I'm pretty sure the ancient Greeks started this phenomenon back in those days. I guess next, Uncle Luke will try to convince us he created the internet and fried chicken.

Uncle Luke, if you are trying to impress University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban, I would suggest you give up the immature and silly insistence of what "fine art" you "created." Fine art stands the test of time over centuries. Do you really think twerking will be remembered 600 years from today?

Jay Z, for example, has only recently come to appreciate fine art from hundreds of years ago as if it never before existed and now talks about how he wants to own it, which I can understand.

Otherwise, was the very first kindergartner who ate an entire box of Crayola crayons a performer or an artist? Ask Saban that question next time you see him. FRANKD

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