Reader Mail: Neo-Nazis and Black Extremists Can Go to Hell

Neo-Nazis Rally

Editor's note: Miami New Times' report that an armed band of neo-Nazis claimed to be patrolling Sanford, Florida, in the wake of Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin's shooting ("Nazis to the Rescue," Michael E. Miller, April 12) drew an extraordinary response, with more than 7,200 comments. You can read a small sample below; for more, click "Armed Neo-Nazis Now Claim to Be Patrolling Sanford."

Down with all racists: Both the neo-Nazis and the black extremists of the New Black Panthers, who issued a bounty on shooter George Zimmerman's head, need to go. Violence only brings more violence. Both of these group don't give a damn about anything except their own agenda. Both are just after publicity to recruit more members and make money off others' ignorance. It's no different from a large religious congregation or a cult. They sucker people into giving them money and get power over them in return for false hope. Look at any organization and you'll always find one person at the top enjoying the spoils.


They started it: It's interesting that Miller writes that "to some, sending in the storm troops seems like a sure way to incite — not prevent — a race riot." But when you have a racist hate group such as the New Black Panthers putting a bounty on Zimmerman's head, promising they will "get justice" if the police won't arrest him, what do you call that? The neo-Nazis wouldn't even be there if it weren't for the New Black Panthers making murderous threats on Zimmerman and scaring the hell out of the local population.

Are You Serious?

Don't buy the hate: Injustice leads to more injustice. Issues like this one will only get worse as the fringe feels more emboldened by presidential leaders who seek to control people's private lives. I know this sounds like a stretch, but I doubt the Taliban started out saying it would eventually behead people in soccer stadiums. So here we are with a group of neo-Nazis and the New Black Panthers invading Sanford because gun lobbyists have seen to it that people can kill one another for eating Skittles and both races feel threatened by the other. Is this not similar to how the Germans felt about Jewish people just before World War II? Does it not feel that America is heading down a similar path? Isn't it getting scary that race relations seem to be collapsing in America? America is going backward, and we all need to think about why this is so.

People need to stop being distracted by the social issues that our leaders put out there like some bone for a dog to chew on while they rob us blind. Stop listening to the noise and start deciphering the truth.

Chris Ossman

Evolution doesn't lie: For being supposedly the most evolved species on this planet, we sure do have an abundance of people who are intellectually, morally, and ethically dumber than a rock. Those of you who are spewing anti-black/anti-Hispanic rhetoric, you do know they're human as well, right? We are genetically the same, save for a few minor differences (such as skin color, bone structure, etc.). Why do you feel the need to discriminate? Next time you decide to be prejudiced, cruel, and downright stupid, remember that we all are descended from a common ancestor — who was black.

Darwin's Girl

Nazis are legal: They ain't breaking the law by patrolling Sanford. Why is it the "tolerant" crowd are so intolerant toward white neo-Nazis but fall all over themselves to kiss the backside of black bigots like the New Black Panthers? How is that tolerant? You might not agree with these fellas, but they risk their lives to patrol the Arizona border, and these guys don't even get paid for it. They do it as a matter of duty.

Lara Zhivago

Liberty City Busted

Inaccurate and untrue: After speaking with New Times for your story about the questions over drug raids by the Miami-Dade Police Department's Tactical Narcotics Team ("Unjust Bust," Francisco Alvarado, April 12), I thought you would write an honest story, not something that doesn't just have a slanted opinion, but outright lies. You lack integrity and are not honest.

If the State Attorney's Office declines to prosecute the suspects we arrest, you must investigate why. If the prosecutors tell me my guys did something wrong, I will always hold them accountable.

Maj. Charles Nanney, MDPD narcotics bureau chief


Last week's feature story, "Unjust Bust," misidentified the former Miami-Dade major who started the Tactical Narcotics Unit. His name is Daniel Flynn. In addition, officers Daniel Fernandez, Michael King, and Antonio Roberts were not full-time TNT members; rather, they worked details on the unit.

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