Reader Mail: Medicare Fraud Will Become America's Biggest Scam

Fraud Central

Canada is better: After reading your piece about Medicare fraud in the Sunshine State ("Thieves' Bazaar," Chris Parker, May 2), I have to say that Americans, especially in Florida, amaze those of us in Canada. I'm glad to see your problems with Cuban rip-off artists, because it's the least you deserve for your stupid policies about Cuba. Canadians and the rest of the world actually recognize Cuba's independence and treat Cuban immigrants equally with other countries, thus avoiding accepting the scumbags you seem to welcome in Florida. More important, we and all of Western Europe have publicly administered and funded health care (hospital, doctor, and lab services) and avoid the "for-profit" high costs and rip-offs you withstand. By keeping these services private in the U.S., you deserve the inevitable high costs and rip-offs that will occur. Ain't American values (capitalism and guns at any cost!) great? Sorry to be arrogant, but the U.S. seems overly populated with right-wing yahoos and their blind followers. Moalta

Main Street scam: You shouldn't just focus on any one geographic area when it comes to Medicare fraud, because any medical facility anywhere can partake. All they need is someone who qualifies for such coverage and who can produce a valid social security number. I can predict that every second hobo at a random bus station is a potential profit center. I witnessed one old dude at a bus terminal who went from a $300 walker every three weeks to a fully equipped wheelchair, which would run more than $16,875 and was even custom pinstriped. Otherwise, this guy didn't have two nickels to rub together. I saw this start a dozen or so years ago at assisted-living facilities. The home would profit from selling goods and services to the residents, who knew nothing about how things were being paid for. Finally, Main Street has a scam equal to Wall Street in scope and magnitude. Eventually, it will eclipse even the mortgage meltdown. frankd4

Condom Appeal

What would Jesus ban?: Uncle Luke wants us to blame public officials for high STD and pregnancy rates in black communities ("Free Condoms Now," Luther Campbell, May 2). He even writes, "We can't count on our elected officials and the lobbyists who get them into office. They have allowed gun violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and unplanned pregnancies to destroy our community so they can keep African-Americans down in the dumps." But I think you forgot to also include religion on this list. Religious rules are one of the main disservices — if not the main disservice — to sexual education. Please be objective, Luke, and also please check your facts. jimjim

Politicians are scapegoats: I'm all for preaching safe sex, but as corrupt as our officials are, you cannot blame them for an entire community's irresponsible actions. Stop using everyone as a scapegoat, and point the finger where it belongs: right at the group you're trying to save. A lack of education and generations of teenage mothers and absentee fathers — not city officials — have led to this problem. Chanelle Artiles

Wynwood Crackdown

Wynwood wins: Whether or not downtown clubs are working with cops to try to shut down Wynwood bars ("Bar Fight," Michael E. Miller, April 25), the truth of the matter is the downtown scene is dead and Wynwood is now the happening place in Miami. The megaclubs are not for everyone because they cater to a much different scene. It's unfair to the customers who just want a more laid back, regular bar scene to try to force the club scene on the city. It's clear the recent crackdown on Wynwood bars is all politics coming from a corrupt system to force out businesses from Wynwood. I, for one, would rather go to Wynwood for a good time and drinks at a friendly bar than head into downtown to be harassed by a bum when I am parking my car and then pay double the price for a drink. Pink Ducky

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