Reader Mail: Factories Are Poisoning Miami Neighborhoods

Cancer Cluster

These guys need help: From what I've read of your investigation into why residents in the northwest Dade neighborhood of Broadmoor have been getting sick ("Poisoned," Jon Tayler, October 18), it sure sounds like the shady recycling plant nearby is to blame. I feel so bad for these folks. And they're getting the runaround from the politicians that are supposed to be looking after them. Malik El-Amin

No factories wanted: Everyone keeps complaining about there not being any manufacturing jobs in the USA anymore, but maybe this is why. Not to mention that in the neighborhood where I rent, I have to sign off on waivers for potential lead paint and mold and mildew spores in my walls and ceiling. Everyone wants top dollar, yet no one wants to be accountable and responsible for any health issues from how they profit as a business. Jimbo99

Bad Cop Is Back

No accountability: Your story about the new fraud accusations about Jesus Aguero, who was once Miami's dirtiest cop ("Rogue Cop Returns," Michael E. Miller, October 18) says the jury acquitted him of murdering a drug dealer but also that he was sent to federal prison for covering up the polices' crimes. With the complaints against him bad enough that he was fired five times, why did the police keep hiring him back? Something is very wrong with this picture. ferrerg87

Why pick on this guy? Aguero is bad, but really there's no need to single out this cop. Most of the cops in Florida are criminals. windmichael21

Debate Club

Bad advice all around: Uncle Luke's latest column offering tips to President Obama on how to best Mitt Romney at the debates ("Play It Cool," Luther Campbell, October 18) is pretty bad. You're basically saying Obama is the savior of the nation, but what has Obama accomplished during the past four years? I bet you don't even know what half of the topics are about during the debates. You, sir, are one biased mofo, but I guess it is to be expected from someone like Uncle Luke. Michael

This guy doesn't get the economy: Romney's campaign is based on the notion that because of what he did running investment firm Bain Capital, he understands the economy. So it's perfectly reasonable to examine what his experience at Bain really taught him. After all, Bain wasn't in the business of creating jobs; it was in the business of making money. The truth is, the high unemployment rate is due to people like Romney outsourcing jobs. That's why middle-class Americans are suffering so much. China didn't just steal our jobs all by themselves. Romney and other profit-driven executives like him wrapped up the jobs in a great big package, put a bow on it, and gave the jobs to the Chinese. Now, maybe the Chinese would have taken some of them on their own, but Romney didn't have to push the jobs out and happily give them away. Mitt was a pioneer in sending jobs out of the United States to China. This is the person you want to be president of the United States? Drakemallard

Obama has failed: Luke, you need to read your history. You might find out that in addition to being a successful investor and businessperson, Romney successfully served as governor of Massachusetts. In three-plus years, the first two of which he had a majority in both the Senate and House, Obama has accomplished nothing except additional debt for every taxpayer in this country. The real problem with that is that less than 50 percent of Americans pay taxes. Do you pay taxes, Luke? If you believe Obama has been the "do-all" president you claim he is, then vote for him; however, I see it differently. I see Obama as being weak, as well as being totally ineffective and unprepared. I will not vote for Obama for the simple reason that I do not trust him nor the people he has surrounded himself with. nascor83

But Massachusetts hates Romney: Sure, Romney did serve as the governor of Massachusetts. He did such a great job that they now despise him there. He knows it; that's why he is not even contesting the state. No candidate has ever won the presidency without carrying his own home state. Caamacho

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