Reader Mail: EDM Scene Won't Put Up With SoBe Money Grab

Detective Dad

Closure needed: Perhaps your article shedding more light on the death of 17-year-old Marissa Karp ("A Father's Hunt," Kyle Swenson, January 24) will eventually help solve this murder and give some measure of closure to her heartbroken father, Gary, and her brother. This is the first I've read about this case, but I will be following it in the future. Caroline H. Jenkins

Death penalty hypocrisy: I felt empathy for Gary Karp until I read this line: "I never really believed in the death penalty. Now, you know the saying, 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?' No, two eyes." So Gary never could imagine what a victim's family felt until he became a victim's family member? I lose all respect for people like this, who are anti-death penalty until a member of their family is murdered and then become pro-death penalty. problum

SoBe's Nightlife Buyout

I'm calling monopoly: Billionaire Robert F.X. Sillerman can try to buy up every nightclub in South Beach ("New King of SoBe," Zachary Fagenson and Kat Bein, January 24), but one person can't own all the clubs in Miami. Someone could take him to court and claim it's a monopoly. Ked Killjoy

Bad news for nightlife: However much capital Sillerman has, this might not be good in the long run. Monopolies aren't a good thing for any industry. I know some vendors and they're not digging this idea. pod_nt

Respect the EDM scene: Opium Group went downhill when it kicked out a couple of DJs, including DJ Shadow, from club Mansion for supposedly not playing music that was commercial enough. The EDM scene heard about it, because word gets around quickly in the electronic scene. If the rumors are true about Sillerman being all about the money and not the music, Miami will once again have an issue with the EDM scene, and Club Space will still conquer in Miami. Let's see what happens. Donnie Leandro

It's all about the money: Who cares if they kicked whatever DJ off the decks at Mansion? People are still buying their bottle service and spending tons of money at their clubs every night. This guy Sillerman certainly doesn't care about the EDM scene. He wants more money and certainly doesn't care for your average raver. Kenia West

Capitalism is depressing: This is one man farming all the money he could ever want from the human trash at clubs. Who's to say that isn't the American dream nowadays? People work to make money to spend money to be happy, a vicious circle of demoralization that can only end with us eventually being fooled into actually loving our life on the hamster wheel. Enjoy! Humberto Troitino

Larcenous Dancers

Blame the drunk guy: I know the clubgoer who says his phone was stolen by a dancer at SoBe gay club Twist must be pissed ("Strip Thieves," Michael E. Miller, January 24), and I would be too, but you can't blame your drunk irresponsibility on others. People steal phones all the time, everywhere. It doesn't automatically mean the club's employees stole it. I'm sure any person at the club could have seen the phone on the floor and picked it up. Ronnie_M

Insult to injury: This is terrible. As if leaving these clubs without your dignity is not enough. Ana De Aza

Aussie Auteur in Miami

Lib City isn't all bad: After reading about the Australian filmmaker who shot a documentary about life in Liberty City ("Liberty City Limelight," Francisco Alvarado, January 24), I have to say I've been to Liberty City many times, and there's a great sense of community. Most of the people mind their own business. No one bothered me, and I'm a white girl. Some of the conditions there are bad, though. The elementary school I went into was like the place the school board forgot: falling apart, dirty, and full of roaches. It's no wonder it's hard to get out of that neighborhood; I wouldn't care about my education either if my school was like that. Shannon Rodriguez

Contrast is critical: You mock my opening sequence in the documentary, but it's critical. It shows the contrast between South Beach and Liberty City. Gorilla Shänks (the documentary's director)

Diverse Dade: I hate how the rest of Miami thinks it's just the beach life. There's Hialeah, Liberty City, and so many other places where each city is like a completely different country. As soon as I cross into Miami Lakes, I feel like I'm back in America. Lee Guerra Phantascy

Opening eyes: I enjoyed this documentary. It makes me a little less afraid of the neighborhood. These people are human, like you and me, and I think it's not right the way they have to grow up with this fear. Adnarim Ed Yelsek

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