Reader Mail: Don't Blame Cops for Liberty City's Thug Takeover

Doctor Death

When's the movie coming out?: The tale of the plastic surgeon who faked his own death to escape a dozen mangled patients ("The Gun and the Scalpel," Tim Elfrink, September 27) is a fascinating story reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There is, of course, one salient difference: This story is not fiction. The murderous psychopath, Dr. Glen Tucker, who eluded typically ineffective law enforcement agencies for decades, was ultimately discovered by a TV investigative reporter to be living comfortably in the pristine and beautiful Florida Keys just 27 miles from Key West. You've got a butchering psychopath, a faked drowning victim, and a "respected" physician with both money and connections living carefree for three decades in the picturesque Keys. That evokes thoughts of a Hollywood movie directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Al Pa­cino. To the writer of this story, I sincerely commend your riveting writing style encompassing both clarity and coherence. Au79Ag47

So good it's evil: This was a very well-written story about a fascinating, evil individual. I guess it's not that unusual for a grown daughter to have different memories than those whose lives he ruined without remorse, but reading about Tucker's daughter's take on his crimes makes for an interesting comparison. I am so glad that I discovered this story, being the true-crime junkie that I am. Caroline H. Jenkins

Two-sided doctor: This well-written article was also scary as hell because of how prominent and respected the doctor was in his community while occasionally disfiguring or maiming patients. His lack of a conscience and empathy are key traits of a sociopath; the infliction of pain on the scale he did to his patients is, indeed, psychopathic. The doctor's daughter mentioning his bouts of depression makes me wonder if those periods of mental illness corresponded in any way with the botched surgeries. Specifically, was he otherwise a competent surgeon with satisfied patients, and then during a period of depression the psychopathic side took over? fratdawgg23

Liberty City Comeback

Hit piece: Why did you even bother talking to Keon Hardemon for your story on his run for county commission ("Family Ties," Francisco Alvarado, September 27)? It seems as if you had already formed your opinion of Keon based on public information about his family that you used to get a negative reaction toward this hard-working young man who deserves more than a chance at winning. I totally disagree with how you are trying to steer his supporters away. Well, it won't work. I'm voting for Hardemon, and I hope you do too if you live in District 3. Go to the finish line, Keon. You deserve to serve your community. nicolesadaa

Keon is a role model: Shame on you, New Times, for painting this unfair picture of our future leader in District 3. Why pretend to want a success story about how he's gotten so far in spite of his odds? Instead, you wrote a character assassination against his loving, supporting family. This story was not about Keon at all. How about commending his mom and grandmother for a job well done? Keon has done what he was asked to do — stayed out of trouble, stayed in school, and given back to his community. Shame on you for not moving forward with his story. aniya2k5

Gangster's Paradise

Don't blame the cops: Luke, are you seriously blaming Miami police for the violence that's forced earlier game times for youth football in Overtown ("Thugs Take Over," Luther Campbell, September 27)? Miami police officers are doing just what the community wants: keeping enforcement to a minimum. If they were to be as proactive as they once were, more bad guys with weapons would be confronted and the cops would shoot and kill them. Then the families of the killed would argue what a wonderful child they had and how the police are just trigger-happy racists. Good for the police for changing their policy to be more reactive than proactive. [email protected]

Breakin' the law: You can't ban guns in parks, Luke. It's against Florida law to restrict gun owners in public parks. Palangana

Mitt's Felonious Friends

Oh, the irony: What's funny about the fact that Mitt Romney thanked two supporters in Miami who are convicted tax frauds ("Romney's Shady Pals," Francisco Alvarado, September 27) is that he doesn't support restoring felons' voting rights. Romney obviously doesn't care where his campaign dollars come from. I'm so happy he exposed himself with the leaked video insulting 47 percent of the country at a Florida fundraiser. Now I don't need to worry about this idiot actually becoming president. Ebeth916

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