Reader Mail: Dennis Rodman Is a Genius

Dennis the Menace

Attention fiend: Your profile of Dennis Rodman ("Reinventing Rodman," Terrence McCoy, May 30) proves that the day people stop noticing him is the same day he blows his own brains out. For now, this big tough-guy baby has garnered world championships, international fame, and — for now — even the attention of the eggheads inside the Washington Beltway. It's probably true that the "in-between" is boring and "what's next" means having to endure a lot of disappointing attempts at reaching the level to again be championship-caliber. But I guess that's what people mean when they say the journey is more important than the destination.

This guy might just be smarter than all of us. Anyone who somehow always ends right-side-up and has more lives than a cat, at some point you have to admit that he has it down. This dude is a total contradiction wrapped up in a riddle, but certainly is no joke. Is there anything Rodman can't get away with? Someday, people might just remember him better than Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen. frankd4

Tiger Tales

Have a sense of humor: Uncle Luke is wrong, as usual, in taking Tiger Woods' side in the flap over Sergio Garcia's fried-chicken joke ("Tiger Proud," Luther Campbell, May 30). I understand that Woods got his wittle-bitty politically correct feelings hurt again. What he should do, if he wasn't such a sensitive little person, is put his big-boy pants on, man up, laugh about it, and take Garcia to Church's Fried Chicken and buy him the three-piece special. CVB

Right on, Tiger: Luke is right — Tiger Woods is showing that he is black and proud in his response. Tiger did not go around whining like a schoolgirl when stupid bigots looked down on him. He trained harder. He proved his talent. He succeeded, rising to the elite of his sport. That's what real winners do. Tiger Woods does not need to validate every idiotic comment made by every idiot in town. That's for people with little self-esteem. That's for those who try to justify their failures. Exiliado

Racists out: I'm no Tiger Woods fan, but he certainly doesn't deserve such treatment by an ignorant European racist like Sergio Garcia. Hopefully, Garcia will have to deal with some sort of demonstration every time he plays on an American golf course. Let's find out what products he endorses so we can start a boycott. clayton44

Parking Hell

Mafia-run: Everyone living in Miami Beach knows the Miami Beach Parking Department is a mafia along with the tow truck businesses, so I'm not surprised that challenging a ticket is beyond futile ("Park and Pay," Chuck Strouse, May 30). The whole appeal process is a big joke, made useless precisely so you simply give up and pay. I have been living in the Beach for more than ten years and have lived through this myself. Calling it injustice does not cut it. The parking cops won't listen, and if you appeal, it has to be in person, and if you go to their office on Washington Avenue, be ready to wait for the infinite patience of the one or two employees attending a queue always longer than 15 people. Even if you get a chance to speak to them after one or two hours of waiting, they will make no effort to understand your complaint and instead just repeat the script: "Pay or appeal." alrobeach

Where's the cash? My question is this: What is Miami Beach doing with all this money it collects from hapless motorists? Parking alone must bring in huge revenues; then add in the permits and fees and taxes. The Mob would be proud of a scam like this. jamesbrian2002

Take on the bastards: Good luck to that driver with his case, and thank you for seeking justice even if it's inconvenient. It is our responsibility as U.S. citizens to follow through and ensure that our society does not become complacent toward injustice at any legitimate level. sharo1389

Kramer vs. Kramer

Sticking up for Thomas: As ostentatious and arrogant as developer Thomas Kramer might be ("The Fall of Thomas Kramer," Lera Gavin, May 23), nobody can deny that it was his brainchild to build up the area South of Fifth in Miami Beach. His bold imagination has added tremendous value to this city, as Machiavellian as his approach might have been. I met him many moons ago in Munich, and I was invited to his winter home in Kitzbühel. Even though he's quite annoying and full of himself, he was a perfect gentleman to me. Moreover, one can judge a man's character by the way he treats his staff and friends. Even though he could be capricious and demanding, the fact that he was otherwise very generous to his employees shows some degree of virtue among his many vices. pologina

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