Reader: Holy Hustler Vincent Spann a "Corrupt Criminal"

We received a voicemail from an even-toned, religiously minded reader of this week's feature, "Holy Hustler." The story, which focuses on embattled Liberty City pastor Vincent Spann, had our reader weighing the good and bad aspects of the preacher -- and returning a scathing verdict:

I was reading your article about the "Holy Hustler." It's very interesting. I just have to say one thing: I don't see him doing God's work. To some extent, he's helping some people out. But he's definitely not keeping his word. Not paying your taxes and not paying for things when you make a commitment does not sound like he's being faithful to the Lord. And quite frankly, lying to people is another issue. You know what; it's a shame. Because I know God wants to use him, but he's masking what little bit of good that God has given him, and he's bringing down the name of the Lord Jesus.

So unfortunately, I'd just have to say he's nothing but a corrupt criminal. Hopefully, God will change him when he's sitting in prison and he realizes what he's done. And as far as holy matrimony: it says in the bible that you shall become one flesh. And what its talking about is once you get married, you should be faithful to that spouse.

I do believe that he might have that calling, but I believe that pride on his end is not allowing him to hear directly from God.

Robert Ung

Broward County

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