Randy Shannon Will Win A National Championship

Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme

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Miami New Times. In this exclusive online column, Luke hits back at the Randy Shannon haters.

I'm really sick and tired of hearing all these sports talk show hosts, University of Miami beat writers, and so-called true Miami Hurricanes fans and alumni dump on Randy Shannon. They are full of shit. For a man who has dedicated his life to the University of Miami and the young men who play football for the program, Shannon gets absolutely no respect and no loyalty.

Hurricanes fans think that when a player puts on that U helmet that all of sudden he becomes Superman. It doesn't work like that. It is going to take time to bring this program back to national prominence, but Shannon will do it.

Look at Notre Dame. How many years has that school been trying to get back its glory? Look at the University of Michigan. Do you hear any of the 100,000 fans who attend Wolverines home games calling for Rich Rodriguez's head? Steve Spurrier didn't win his first national title until his sixth season as Florida Gators head coach. And it has taken six years for Spurrier to make the University of South Carolina Gamecocks a top-ten program.

Fans and the local sports media don't understand what a tremendous job Shannon has done recruiting some of the best players in the country. Florida and Florida State have on campus stadiums and incredible training facilities they can sell kids. Even Florida International University head coach Mario Cristobal, another ex-UM assistant, has an on campus stadium he can pitch recruits.

Shannon can only sell himself, the rich tradition of the University of Miami sending players to the NFL, and that all his players leave with a college degree.

The man has a 100 percent graduation rate. It is not Thug U anymore. But the media and the fans want to see criminals on campus as long as the school is playing for the national championship. Sorry folks, but the University of Miami is a private institution for higher learning not a state prison, like the University of Florida.

I want to see Shalala tell these trashy media people like Sid Rosenberg -- a loudmouth New Yorker who only talks shit about every Miami team -- that the University of Miami is fully behind Shannon.

Just like I do, the Canes nation needs to show faith in Shannon.

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