Randy Moss Didn't Want to Play for the Dolphins Anyway

For a while it seemed that the Miami Dolphins had a good shot at being the third team this season to claim the talents of Randy Moss. Then, decision day came around and the 'Fins didn't even put in a claim for the controversial, but talented receiver. They could have had him if they bothered to. Turns out that Jeff Ireland and co. were interested in bringing Moss's moon to Miami, but Moss himself had no interest in suiting up in orange and aqua. 

According to a source, the Dolphins put out feelers to see if Moss would be enthusiastic about joining them but the word came back from his camp that he would not. The reasons for that are unclear, but that no doubt played a role in their decision not to claim the moody star on waivers.

Now, the Dolphins could have still claimed Moss whether he liked or not. There were apparently other still-secretive factors leading to the decision. Though, the fact that Moss was no interested seems like reasons enough. He's attained a well deserved reputation of something of a moody diva, and he's not the kind of player you want to deal with when he is upset. 

In a bit of coincidental scheduling Moss ended up with the Tennessee Titans, and he will make his debut with the team this Sunday against the Dolphins in Sun Life Stadium. Sun Life was also the scene of his last game with the Patriots earlier this year. Somehow he managed to be a short-lived member of the Minnesota Vikings in between . 

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Kyle Munzenrieder