Rambling County Commissioner Javier Souto Plays Loose With Election Laws

Javier Souto should have been sent out to the political pasture a long time ago.

But lobbyists and special interests know they can cajole the rambling county commissioner to do what they want. So they make sure he stays in power.

And even though 71-year-old Bay of Pigs veteran is more than likely to beat his opponent Mimi Planas on August 24, he still found a way to flout local laws to help his campaign.

Considering Souto has been a county

commissioner for 16 years and often rails against corruption at county

hall, he should know better.

The above photo shows two illegal signs Souto's campaign erected on on Fountainebleau Boulevard and SW 96th Street in Sweetwater. Code enforcement officers cited the campaign on June 22, ordering Souto to take it down or get a permit. He hasn't done either.

The outraged voter who notified Banana Republican about Souto's sign violation also forwarded us this photo of Souto's Ford Taurus, which is paid for by his taxpayer-funded car allowance. Notice the two campaign stickers on the rear bumper and rear windshield. That's a no-no under state election laws. But we're sure the county commissioner will peel them off once August 24 is over.

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