Radio & TV Martí Ineffective in Attracting Large Audience in Cuba

The idea that the free broadcast of views opposing the state sponsored media could, in part, help to tumble Communism in Cuba is certainly a noble one, but its chances of success would certainly be helped if more Cubans were receiving those broadcasts.

Reports today from Congressional investigators state that gauging the audience for TV and Radio Martí is not an exact science, but their best guess is that less than 2% of Cubans have heard or seen the broadcasts in the past two years. This is, undoubtedly, in part due to Cuba's efforts to jam the signals, an operation the investigation finds the US has few details on.

The U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, which is responsible for Radio Martí, hopes to carry out surveys this years of recently arrived refugees to gauge which broadcasts are most effective.

The report also suggests that broadcasts increase their journalistic standards.

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