Q Scores: People Don't Hate LeBron James Nearly as Much Anymore

Good news for LeBron James: he's not nearly as hated as he was following his infamous "decision." According to The Q Score Company, which tracks public perception of celebrities, brands and other entities, James' popularity has slowly bounced back in the months since. Though, he's nowhere near as popular as he once was, and more people still hate him than like him.

Back in September, only 14 percent of Americans had a favorable view of King James. A whopping 39 percent had a negative perception of the star. At his peak with the Cavaliers he had a favorable rating of 24 percent, and an unfavorable rating of 22 percent.

The average athlete has a 15 percent favorable score, and a 24 percent unfavorable score.

LeBron may not be nearing new heights, but he is getting back to average. According to the recently released Q Scores, 17 percent of Americans now have a favorable view of him while those with an unfavorable view have dropped to 33 percent. Perhaps only a little bit more time and a few NBA championship could put his ratings back above water.

Americans seem to be somewhat forgiving of sports stars, though. Michael Vick once was viewed unfavorably by an almost unheard of 61 percent, but that's since fallen to 49 percent. Though, Tiger Woods still has some image work to do. His Q Score hasn't improved since the fallout from his sex scandal and divorce.

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