Psystar Strikes Back at Apple with an Anti-Trust Suit

A short, short time ago in an industrial park not far away, a group of rebel forces dared take on Steve Jobs and his Apple empire. Call it Psystar Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Apple recently hit Psystar, the Miami based company that produces Mac clones, with a copyright infringement lawsuit. The Psyboys took its sweet time responding.Turns out they spent the extra time preparing an anti-trust counter-suit against the computer giant.

Apple only allows its operating system, OSX, to be run on its own machines. Psystar decided to make its own computers that run OSX anyway, and sold them at a quarter of the price of comparable Apple machines.

Psystar has a questionable past. In April the firm sent half the geek blogosphere on a wild goose hunt by constantly changing the headquarters address listed on it's site. But it's legit enough to have hired a top Silicon Valley law firm with a victorious track record against Apple in the past.

If Pystar prevails in court, it would shake up the entire computer industry. Other manufacturers like Dell would be able to ship computers with OSX. This would also have implications for Microsoft, whose latest version of Windows, the clunky Vista, hasn't been a hit with users.Consumers would then have the option of an alternative, easy to use operating system without shelling out $1,200 for an iMac.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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