Protesters in Fake Blood and Dead Animal Parts Will Picket Miss Teen Florida USA Pageant

We're not sure what's stupider: that a fur coat company is supplying sponsorship and prizes to a teen beauty pageant in Florida, or that an animal rights group is going to protest it while wearing furs themselves. Yes, the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida is pissed that the Fur Information Council of America is sponsoring Miss Teen Florida USA.

Before we get into the protest and politics, we have to ask this Fur Company: You're sponsoring a pageant in Florida, really? You're totally aware that this state is subtropical, right? That even if anyone wanted to there is like a two week span where someone could actually wear a fur coat down here, right? Maybe sponsoring Miss Teen Alaska USA (didn't Sarah Palin win that one?) would make sense, but a fur company sponsoring anything in Florida is like a tanning oil company sponsoring something in North Dakota. Wrong market, bros.

ARFF has asked the pageant to drop its relationship with FICA, or else they're threatening a protest of the shindig which goes down October 3 at Broward Community College's Bailey Hall.

"Dressed in mangled furs and pageant gowns dripping with fake blood, activists will brandish signs that read 'shame on Miss Florida' and 'their blood on your hands,'" reads the press release.

Wearing furs to a fur protest, even "mangled" furs in fake blood," makes just about as much sense as wearing fur in Florida in the first place.

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Kyle Munzenrieder