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Something's got to give. Marilyn's last, if she had survived shooting it. I celebrate Norma Jean's birthday every June 1, usually with a reach for that breach she fell into. So far I've survived. I'm glad for moments like June 5 (so I celebrated a few days late, so what) and I'm sad by most of the rest of it. The pain and suffering and death that's life. Something's gotta give, like maybe this alleged column A just kidding, no vacation for now. At least none like the one on June 5.

Please, dear reader, if you find today's coly more self-indulgent than usual, please skip ahead to the "Media Circus." That's the important part.

So Chris "JPR" Potash is back outta town. Before leaving he visited Churchill's Hideaway A we don't call him Johnny Punk Rock for nothin' A and we guzzled some beers.... The night after Johnny bolted, Charlie Pickett hit Churchill's Hideaway for his annual concert. Cortland Joyce on drums, Marco Pettit on bass, the real deal A and Johnny Salton, yeah Johnny Salton, on guitar. Imagine if big-venue rock shows and MTV clips and CDs and everything could be just so perfect for anyone no matter what their at-the-moment state. Seen it a few times in my running out days A the Natural Causes show that night at Talkhouse with Dog and Bay Snow A I called it a presentation. At the Church Ray Roberts was there, again, so you knew there was gonna be trouble. Stand up or sit the fuck down. I did a little of both, not always intentionally. I even smashed a bottle of beer, something I never do, because it wastes beer. Deeply concerned about my worsening condition, Rat Bastard began force-feeding me Fosters faster than I could finish them and I can finish 'em pretty fast. Thanks Frank, I owe you, what, 30-40 beers? I was sloppy but the show was not. It was a presentation. "Classic Charlie," says Sloppy Joe Anthony, the designated driver and professional music critic.

Six of the songs for the new Rooster Head album A Confronting Your Molester A are complete. An advance single should be on radio by the time you read this. Try WVUM-FM, WKPX-FM, or Glenn Richards's show on WSHE-FM. The band plays tonight (Wednesday) in Orlando, whose WPRK-FM A the 1300-watt (thought ya caught me with that little 100,000 lie, huh Michael?) Rollins College station A will air the concert live. The next night the Roosters play Musicians Exchange with Excessive.

Long time ago I heard this story about a (truly great) reporter with kinda long hair and a moustache who had an appointment to interview Auggie Busch, head of the beer-and-sports empire in St. Louis. He walked in and the secretary immediately informed him that if any interview were to take place, he'd first have to get his hair cut and face shaved. If that's true, it makes mighty paradoxical Bud's strong support of cool music over the years. The brew company recently added to its sponsorship I Don't Know and Natural Causes. Guess that means Arlan will have to get a trim. And last week the subject of suds somehow came up here and a couple days later I'm in this bar next to a few suits. They had just ordered another pitcher, but had to leave, so they gave it to me. Turns out they're reps from Miller. I asked one guy if it was true that his industry backed Heads Up magazine and Beer Drinkers of America. Yes, he told me. And then, in a conspiratorial whisper, he added this: "People who drink and drive should be put in jail. Period. On the other hand, people should have the right to drink a cold beer at a reasonable price." I looked at the bar and noticed that one of his group was drinking soda. Righteous. I, too, had arranged a ride home that night. Survival is probably a good thing.

Still drinking beer A the Hooligan's in Briar Bay near the Falls has begun dabbling in live concerts. "We're trying to do it once a month," reports manager John McPhee. "This is actually a great venue. Even from the worst seats you can still see fine, plus we have good food..." and lots of brew. He says a recent Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers show "worked out great" and that Hoolie's has Lester Chambers in tomorrow (Thursday).

Frankie Franchise is feeling much better, though we'll miss him big-time in the YMCA basketball-league playoffs this week. His coaching helps, and this should make him feel even better: Tally's high-flying rockers Zombie Birdhouse visit Stephen Talkhouse tonight (Wednesday).

Black Janet has an in-store performance at the Spec's in Sawgrass Mills at 2:30 p.m. this Saturday. They'll be promoting their new album, Love Thirsty, which I like very much.

Where been those rawkin' smart boys Cell 63? Writing new songs while looking for a new bass player. (Call 279-9451.)

I want to go to Chelsea (at 510 Ocean Drive): McCloud & Sails play there on Friday and Saturday.

Butthorn of the week: Bayfront Park Management Trust. I happened to have strolled through what turned out to be the last farmers' market next to Bayside. The park folks have shut it down. For no good reason (except maybe to protect Bayside from perceived competition). And that, my friends, sucks.

The media circus: A.J. Mazzetti was gigging most recently as drummer for Flock of Seagulls. He also worked at Wings of Steel, and at his own shop in Hallandale, as a welder. According to friends of his I spoke to, he was working in his shop on June 2 when a spark caught a gas container that then spilled onto Mazzetti (everyone calls him A.J.). He's in Hollywood Memorial Hospital recovering from the first skin graft. The first benefit is at Le Loft on Saturday. Doors open at 10:00 p.m., with two dollar drinks and a complimentary buffet. All door proceeds (probably five dollars, but give what you can) go to a fund set up on A.J.'s behalf.

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