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Remember that old Silos lyric that went "people will talk about/What's important to them"? Thanks for all your calls and letters. Don't stop now.

The great Art Grace (Thoroughbred writer, edge-music connoisseur, legend) wrote to recommend Lucy's Fur Coat, for both the music and the cover photo on Jaundice. "The last stray we adopted," he adds, knowing we know he's a cat lover, "was immediately named James Jewel Osterberg, but of course we always refer to him as Iggy. (I have seen his middle name as Newel, but Jewel is more apropos.) Iggy is pretty smart. He knew full well we had no vacancies in our small abode, already populated by four cats. But how could we say no when he shows up wearing a neck brace, limping badly, with several puncture wounds (self-inflicted?) and claiming he'd been run over by speeding dogs? There were dogs involved, and poor Iggy obviously had been abandoned A he was declawed and neutered. So is everybody else in this household." I'll borrow further from Grace's notes soon.

Dore Soul is back with a show at Squeeze tomorrow (Friday).
Former Cactus king John Soler will now be hosting open mikes at Blue Steel A already famous for its Cafe Bacala event (Diane Ward hosts and performs this Tuesday) A every Friday, from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

It's music you want? How do you think I spend the other twelve hours each day? So much good stuff, so little of it transcendent. I accept nothing less, you would too if you got about 100 CDs/tapes in the mail each week and had another few thousand at home. Hey, Frank at Restless Records A I'm sure Ovis is the biggest thing since Nirvana, but I doubt I'll ever get around to listening to it. Fat Tuesday? Heard it. Sorry. And Thee Hypnotics? If you love the Black Crowes and are an acidhead, maybe. I don't and I'm not.

What else? Lucy's Fur Coat. Grace is right -- it rocks, cool, and the cat on the cover looks exactly like a female stray that's been hanging out in our neighborhood. Except the cat on the CD is wearing a collar -- nice touch. And, uh, yeah, this is transcendent: The soon-out new CD from Cell 63, Once Upon a Drunk. I've got here a rough advance tape and a few beers upon which the following opinion is based: transcendent. You should know that I love(d) the early Eighties Minneapolis movement A Replacements (Let It Be and Tim especially), Husker Du (Speed Metal Circus and New Day Rising especially), and that other one, um, Soul something, Sold Asylum, something like that. Anyway, that's essentially what Cell 63 does, which, because no one else is doing it any more, makes it fresh. What makes it transcendent is that A while Rob Coe's songs, singing, guitaring are major -- the rest of this crew mixes in harder, tougher, meaner -- think Fuck Boys or Black Flag A stabs and bends. Plus snippets of found sound and spoken word. It's got gut, brains, and spirit. And so it transcends what it seems to be. And so I'll be listening to it for a while.

The next two Sundays at Squeeze's Wide Open Mike: This week it's foul-mouthed, strong-songed Phil T. Rich, and May 15 it's those crazy Baboons.

Those lovable kids known as Marilyn Manson shot the video for their first single, "Get Your Gun," this past weekend in Houston. They're currently touring with Nine Inch Nails. And the album, Portrait of an American Family, will be out in June, with distribution by...ta-da!...Interscope. Apparently the folks at Interscope, who balked initially and refused to carry the excellent Nothing Records slab, grew balls. "It's one big happy family," says MM manager John Tovar.

Miami Blues Authority lays it down at the Taurus this weekend.
Rich Ulloa dabbled in band management many, many years ago. He gave it up for retail until a band called the Mavericks came along. Ulloa felt so strongly about the Kendall cowpokes he helped that TCA group put out a CD, then cheered as they were signed by MCA and went on to stardom. He had similarly strong feelings about Mary Karlzen, became her (co-)manager, put out a couple of CDs, signed her to Atlantic. End of story, until he heard the CD Baypath Rd by Gainesville's For Squirrels. He checked 'em out live. And he signed them up. They're here Saturday to play the Talkhouse with FtN, who are working on a new release and, for this show, will bring up several special guests, including the great Ben Peeler.

Jim Johnson says that at some point this year the Chant might visit South Florida to play a live show A their last. He's working in two bands these days, and has a new single out, seven-inch vinyl. I recommend it, and I'll provide updates here.

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