Program Notes

Lamenting the demise of the vinyl configuration for recorded music is at this point as tiresome and pointless as the Simpson trial. The "wax" many of us grew up spinning now makes up a minuscule portion A perhaps three percent A of the market. Live with it. And celebrate the aberrations: Load's new gold-vinyl, limited-edition (500 copies, no further pressings) album, 6 Pack to Go, is selling hot out of the box, according to the band's manager, Bob Slade, who says, "It's such a cool package people who don't even own turntables are buying it."

Meanwhile most music comes on CD, and, not to grouse, this is not the perfect format it's been made out to be. CDs stick and skip, and sometimes the sequencing goes blooey. What's worse is that a couple of important new, how do we put, sound bad. Bruce Springsteen's versions of "This Hard Land" and "Murder, Incorporated" on his new greatest hits CD come across tinny and hollow compared to ancient bootleg versions on cassette, and a few of the tracks on Mary Karlzen's Yelling at Mary have her in the timbre of a Munchkin. Can't wait to see what technological "advancement" the industry comes up with next.

Some musicians complain that "battles of the bands" create a divisively competitive situation, but for the fans such events provide an opportunity to catch several acts playing their best in one setting, and all at a reasonable price. On April 8 the University of Miami's WVUM-FM (90X) will stage just such a competition, with $500 going to the winning act and proceeds going to the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. Interested bands should send cassettes with two complete songs to Box 248191, Coral Gables, FL 33124 by March 28. Call 284-3131 or 841-9881 for more info.

L.U.N.G.S. A the remainders of Collapsing Lungs A play their first show in their new form on Wednesday at Squeeze.

Lefty's, the upstart club in the unlikely setting of Morton Towers on South Beach, brings in its first national act, Dr. Dirty John Valby, for St. Patrick's Day. Tonight the club hosts Manchild, and Saturday Josh Smith and the Rhino Cats blues things up.

A number of top bands, including Robbie Gennet, Slang, and the Goods, perform at Button South's Saturday benefit for the Starting Place drug-abuse treatment center.

Johnny Dread has booked the usually supper-club-cheesy Les Violins for a reggae concert tonight (Thursday). It will feature various guests and a backing band called Safari (rhymes with Ras Tafari). See "Calendar" for details.

The blissful harmonies and acoustic-driven pop rock of the Elysian fill Club Electra tomorrow (Thursday) and the Silver Dollar next Thursday (joined for the latter show by I Don't Know).

The abundantly talented Jodi and the Rodeo appear live twice this week, tonight (Thursday) at the Silver Dollar and Saturday at Stephen Talkhouse. The band says they're looking for a new name; they're considering Rodi and the Jodeo but think they can do better. Send suggestions to this column and we'll have a contest or something.

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Greg Baker