Program Notes 34

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The media circus: Sandra Schulman wrote up some band called Natural Causes (I'm not sure where they're from) in last week's Billboard.

Pet corner: Thanks, thanks, thanks to my (forced) roommate of the past month, Alonzo Lively. 'Lonzo is the NT computer god, a genius fisherman (catch and release, donchaknow), a former roommate of a member of Marilyn Manson, ex-Navy, and all-around cool cat. The editorial department here is moving into new offices in another area. Due to construction nuances, I had to give my office over to computers and, until my new office was ready, I had to share (cramped) space in his. He made it a lot less bad than it sounds. Just the way Miami rock makes life a lot better than it is otherwise. If only more people got it.

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Greg Baker