Program Notes 17

I know you're trying, I tried to, too. But I'm tired of playing the game, tired of everything, because it never stops. Pain on top of pain under pain. Bad things happen to good people, bad things happen all the time, every time, and, frankly, I've lost interest. So if you don't mind -- and even if you do -- I'll just shut up now.

The Valerie Archon Band plays at the Other Side in Wilton Manors on Saturday.

Natural Causes broke up.
Bobby Radical is throwing Island Girl parties at Sixth and Washington every Wednesday night.

Today (Thursday) at noon on cable channel 36, the Mr. Stock and Mr. Poe Show features Nicky Yarling and guitarist Jack Shawde. On Monday (at 10:00 a.m.) and Wednesday (at 9:30 p.m.) another episode, featuring poet Adrian Castro and guitarist Patrick DeLeon, airs.

Marilyn Manson, with Tension and Killing Silence, performs live at the Button South on Sunday. A few years ago I was being interviewed on some radio show and Mr. Manson, then still calling himself Marilyn Manson, phoned in to make insightful and sober comments about censorship. The talk host, whose name I forget, kept making fun of the fact that he was a man called Marilyn. Hey, Mr.: Sorry.

The featured act under the stars for Friday Night Live at South Pointe is Pangaea.

This Sunday at 2:00 p.m. David Hirschorn presents a seminar called Mozart's Magic Flute at the New Acropolis in Coral Gables. Call 461-5758.

Day by the River plays an acoustic show at Borders on Saturday and hits the Chili Pepper on Sunday.

The members of I Don't Know sent a post card from Joe Robbie Stadium. This is what is stated on the back: "Warning: Wayne Huizenga is the antichrist. We know, because Mark's cat said so. And we believe everything that Bogart says! Bad news A Natural Causes. Good news A Quit is back! But now they are King Friday! More good news A Saturday the Plus Five closes!! Yeah, party, hurrah, yippee. What else? Oh yeah, I Don't Know completed the Bald Tour A nine shows in a row. Now it's the 'I don't know why we're taking a break' break. We'll be back in September."

There's a wild rumor going around that the mighty -- Tribe Called Quest will take time out of Lollapalooza to play a set at Studio One-83 on Monday.

The Baboons play tonight (Thursday) at Crickets in West Broward (don't tell anyone, but they apparently have nickel beers there) and at the Zipperhead on Saturday.

Tom Bowker's new melodic noise band, Bellwether, debuts tomorrow (Friday) at the Coral Springs City Centre.

You want words, why are you wasting your time here? Get to SLAM, the year-old throwdown on Lincoln Road. The SLAM crew is hopping on the Lolla thing, with a spoken blast the day before, Sunday, at Ground Level (1035 Lincoln, at Lennox). The winners of the Sunday SLAM will get to perform at Lolla. To read better words about this, see the "Calendar."

Butthorn of the week: The Orange Bowl at Joe Robbie Stadium? The antichrist, indeed.

The media circus: The antichrist. Have you seen these Blockbuster teevy commercials? -- bunch of yups are jamming at a local bar, crowded and noisy and boozy. But the Smart Couple is at home on the couch, "enjoying the nightlife," as the announcer intones it. They're watching videos, Blockbuster videos. The footage cuts back and forth, showing what a miserable time the folks at the bar are having while the Smart Couple relaxes at home with their Blockbuster videos. Because these are Blockbuster videos, we know the Smart Couple is not watching Samantha Strong's latest. But even so, the commercial's closing scene suggests that the Smart Couple will soon begin humping furiously right there on the couch.

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Greg Baker