Pro-Lifers Respond to Nevin Shapiro Abortion Controversy

Among the claims made by Nevin Shapiro that Yahoo! Sports journalist Charles Robinson really had no business including in his story: allegations that Shapiro funded an abortion for a woman impregnated by a University of Miami football player. That aspect really has no impact on the school. It neither breaks that law nor any sort of NCAA rule because the medical procedure was provided to a woman unrelated to the school. It was irresponsibly added purely for shock value.

Robinson offers absolutely zero evidence to support the claim other than the word of a vindictive convicted scam artist. No financial records or other sources back up the claim. Even if it is true, there would be no evidence now to suggest that the UM player in question actually was the father.

Considering that abortion is a highly sensitive and personal matter, and considering that the factoid should have zero relevance to an NCAA investigation, Robinson should have made the judgment call to leave it out. Of course, he wanted the juiciest story possible.

So now pro-life activists have jumped on the story.

Here's Kelsey Hazzard, a University of Miami grad, writing for LifeNews.com:

Yes, violating NCAA rules is bad. Yes, this is probably going to cause serious problems for UM's football program. That's unfortunate, but in the grand scheme of things, it really does not matter. If you're going to hate on Shapiro, do it because he enabled the killing of a helpless unborn baby. That is a far greater crime than any recruiting shenanigans.

Baby Hurricane deserved more than a passing mention. He or she deserved a chance to live, grow, play childhood sports, and try to get into college.

History will judge us. And when it does, abortion will be our generation's greatest scandal.

Oh, boy.

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