Despite the fact that just about every reasonable person on either side of the debate who read the American Life League's breathless press release about Krispy Kreme doughnut's liberal use of the word "choice" in a press release thought they must be either insane or joking, ALL persisted. And now, they've got the appology from Krispy Kreme they were seeking.

"The use of the

phrase "freedom of choice" by any corporation, particularly when used

to coincide with President-elect Obama's inauguration, is offensive and

demeaning to the millions who have suffered either directly or

indirectly through abortion. Abortion is a tragedy for everyone

involved in it. Thus we felt obligated to issue our original statement

and subsequently communicate with Krispy Kreme Inc.

"American Life League thanks Krispy Kreme for correcting their public

statement. Their corporate decision was not only wise but will result,

we are certain, with an increased number of customers not only on

January 20th but for years to come."

Way to go guys! High five! You've managed to chastise a doughnut company, and get a lot of "WTF? Are these people serious?" press for yourself, instead of doing anything that actually would reduce the number of abortions or civilize the discussion over the matter.

Pro-Life Group Declares Victory in War on Doughnuts

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.