President Obama Reminds Heat Fans to Remain Patient

Just about everyone has an opinion on the Miami Heat, including the president. In an interview with Barbara Walters scheduled to air tonight, Barack Obama tells fans to remain patient. Though that doesn't mean Obama is necessarily a Heat fan. He's still a little irked that neither Dwyane Wade nor LeBron James ended up with the Bulls.

From the AP:

"It takes some time for the team to come together," Obama said. "There's no 'I' in team. So no matter how good a player is, no matter how good a group of players are, if they haven't played together before they are not going to be as good as a team that has played together a long time."

Carefully chosen words. Considering LeBron's approval ratings make Obama look like the most popular man in America, it's no surprise he's not exactly rooting for the team. Then again, South Florida is the Democratic stronghold of the nation's most important swing state, so it wouldn't be prudent for Obama to jump on the hater bandwagon either.

Plus Obama did play a game of pick-up last August with LeBron and Wade.

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