Pour and Tour

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"When kids ask me for a new song by Janet Jopple, John Elton, Fleckwood Meat, I have to steer them in the right direction."

"At the Embassy we had the world's biggest doorman," says Bill Fernandez, "Fred Ottman. Six-foot-seven, 375 pounds. Not much fat."

Formerly the Alley Cat Lounge, Canseco's is the only former Bird Road nude bar that's still in the nightclub business.

Geezerly Sid Gilmour lets his whiskers do the walking while he tickles his ivory fancy Rock is dead they say: From the rowdy Copa nightclub to a sedate funeral home Esther knows her way without Jose, but can her nightclub survive big-league competition?

From porn stars to pool tournaments, there's something for everyone at Uncle Charlie's Helene Miller gets substantially more than ten cents a drink now that she owns her own bar tour.

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