Poll: Romney Back in Lead in Florida

Has Mitt Romney crawled his way back into the lead in Florida? According to a new poll released today by Rasmussen Report, he's now leading President Obama by about two points (within the margin of error) in Florida.

It's the first poll conducted in Florida since Wednesday's debate, but it also comes from a polling company that has a reputation for being favorable to Republicans.

Forty-nine percent of Floridians say they'll vote for Romney. Forty-seven percent say they'll vote for Obama. Three percent somehow remain undecided.

Of voters who say they're "certain to vote" in the election, Romney's lead rises to 51-45.

Still, Obama's supporters seem to be more confident with their choice. Ninety-three percent of Obama supporters say they're certain to vote for him. Eighty-seven percent of Romney supporters say the same about their candidate.

The two are effectively tied among Floridians as to who would do a better job handling the economy. Obama has a 2 percent advantage on national security.

Rasmussen's polling in Florida has tended to be kinder to Romney than other firms have. No other major polling firm has released numbers in Florida since Wednesday's debate. The Rasmussen poll was conducted in its entirety yesterday, before today's national job numbers were released.

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