Poll: Democrats Want Charlie Crist to Switch Parties, But They Don't Need Him to Beat Rick Scott

Charlie Crist's latest flirtation with the Democratic party may not please all Democratic officials in the state, but Florida's Democratic voters overwhelmingly want him to officially register as a Democrat. And although some theorize Crist may run against Rick Scott for governor in 2014, the Dems don't necessarily need Crist to beat him, because, well, Scott remains woefully unpopular.

According to the latest number from Democratic-aligned Public Policy Polling, 56 percent of registered Democrat voters say that Crist should become one of them. Only 12 percent don't like the idea. Thirty-nine percent of independents say he should officially switch, and 13 percent say no. Even 36 percent of Republicans say Crist should switch, with 32 percent against the idea.

However, Crist may not be needed by the Dems in order to win the next gubernatorial election. Crist, as a Democrat, would beat Rick Scott 45 to 42 percent. Though, a "generic Democrat" would also beat Scott 45 to 42.

Meanwhile, 41 percent of Floridians approve of Scott's job performance; 49 percent disapprove.

In other PPP results: Senator Bill Nelson still leads challenger Connie Mack IV 45-38. Mack has his own approval problems: 45 percent find him unfavorable, and only 27 percent have a favorable opinion.

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