Poll: Alex Sink Would Do Better Against Rick Scott Than Charlie Crist

At this point, Democrats could probably put a glitter covered pinecone with goggly eyes on the ballot and still beat Governor Rick Scott in 2014. 

Of course, it appears that some goggly eyed pinecones would do better than others. A new Mason-Dixon poll shows that Alex Sink has an 8 point lead over Scott, while Charlie Crist would only muster a two point lead against Scott. 

Sink lost to Scott in 2014, but soon after taking office, Scott vetoed that high-speed train deal, and his popularity took a high-speed trip down the toilet. Pretty much no poll taken on the matter since has shown him beating anyone in his reelection efforts. 

Sink would beat Scott 47-39. She hasn't even announced her candidacy yet, and the election is two years away, but, uh, yeah she's already just three points shy of the magic 50 percent mark. 

According to the Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald/Bay News 9 poll, Sink, the former state CFO, has a 2-to-1 favorability rating. 

Charlie Crist meanwhile isn't exactly Mr. Popular. His favorability rating is closer to 1-1. If he decided to officially join the Democratic party and ran against Scott he only squeaks by 44-42. 

Scott meanwhile remains political poison. 51 percent disapprove of his job handling. Just 40 percent approve. 


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