Police Officer Could Be Barred From Work in Florida Because of Nude Self Pics

Apparently taking nude photos of yourself doesn't automatically disqualify you from running for mayor of New York City, but it could get you barred from ever working as a police officer again in the state of Florida.

Sgt. Penny Dane resigned earlier this month after pictures of her in the buff were discovered on her work-issued computer, and now the department's chief is trying to have her license revoked.

According to Click Orlando, Dane, an 18-year-veteran of police work, filed a complaint against another officer for sexual harassment, but during the investigation several nude selfies were discovered on her work computers.

On her desktop computer 177 pictures were found. Ninety-seven were found inside her cruiser's laptop. At least 23 were of Dane herself, and some of those pictures included Dane at least partially wearing her uniform.

Dane admitted that she sent the photos to her lover while on the job. Further investigation revealed that she would turn off the GPS monitoring device in her police cruiser while sending some of the photos. Dane had been engaging in the behavior since 2009.

"As we got into that hard drive, it was just mind boggling that you could be out of service for that long and just think you could get away with it," Chief Mike Chitwood told the station.

Dane allegedly told investigators that she could multitask, and never missed a call while accessing the photos.

However, she resigned earlier this month. According to CF News 13, Chitwood is trying to bar her from ever working in law enforcement in Florida again.

"We'll be going after her license so that she can never become a cop again," he told that station. "Never be a cop anywhere in the state of Florida."

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Kyle Munzenrieder