Playing Six Degress of Kate Moss with the Miami-Dade Corrections Dept. Just Got a Lot Easier

This past September, two-piece English rock band the Kills were touring America, as rock bands tend to do, when their tour bus and driver went missing somewhere in L.A. The feds were called in and conducted a full-on search in the States and Mexico. The bus turned up in an L.A. parking lot about a week later, but the driver eluded even the feds.

Miami-Dade Police officers last week inadvertently found the man, 42-year-old Brian Berkenkemper, when they booked him for "robbery for sudden snatching." He's being held at the Pre-Trial Detention Center, and his inmate profile is online. The Kills apparently got a kick out of his bald mug shot.

Kills guitarist Jamie Hince might be expecting another bald, pudgy person in his life soon, because he has reportedly knocked up girlfriend Kate Moss. And that is how you play six degrees of Kate Moss with anyone currently in the Miami-Dade Corrections system. Well, there are probably other ways, involving international cocaine rings and whatnot, but this is a much happier way to do it.

Extra fun fact: The other member of the Kills, Alison Mosshart, briefly dated Kate Moss's other baby daddy,

foppish fashion magazine editor Jefferson Hack. Because cool Britannia royalty is just as oddly incestuous as real British royalty.

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