Playboy Names Hurricanes Ninth Best Football Program of "The Playboy Era"

The University of Miami is no stranger to being honored by Playboy. Over the years, the school has picked up the mag's best party school designation quite a few times and now the football team gets the nod as the 9th best college football team of the college era (a designation we're sure the administration is just absolutely thrilled with).

Of course, Playboy being Playboy they simple can't do just a listacle. They must illustrate it with a scantily clad woman, and model Jaime Edminson gets the honor of wearing the tinniest shreds of each team's jerseys.

Miami only came in ninth, but really we think she looks best in our green and orange (if you do not care particularly much for looking at pictures of near naked woman, you can also use this opportunity to discuss those shoes).

The editors of Playboy not-so-surprisingly have a taste for scandal. Along with the Hurricanes, the Ohio State Buckeyes and, gulp, Penn State make the list (do we insert a joke in here about how Jerry Sandusky wished this spread was featured in Barely Legal Twink magazine? What's that you say, taste and decency? We won't make that joke. OK.)

The good news is that no other Florida teams make the list. The odd news is that despite the fact we're only ninth, the Hurricanes have actually won more National Championships in "The Playboy era" (meaning 1955 to present) than every other team except Oklahoma, USC and Alabama.

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Kyle Munzenrieder