Plaxico Burress: A Good Fit for the Dolphins?

Dolphins fans have a right to be concerned about Brandon Marshall's play last season and the legal situation stemming form his wife stabbing him in the gut with a kitchen knife, but is the best solution to that really signing a guy who just got out of a jail yesterday after serving two years for an accidental shooting? Apparently, the Dolphins signing Plaxico Burress makes sense to some people.

Burress's Miami-based power agent Drew Rosenhaus says the wide receiver is open to signing with all 32 teams in the league, and ESPN's Adam Schaffer set off the rumor mill today by tweeting, "Three potential landing spots for Plaxico Burress: Rams (rejoin Steve Spagnuolo), Dolphins (Brandon Marshall concerns), Jets (3 FA WRs)."

When Burress isn't playing football or serving jail time, he makes his home right here in South Florida, and Omar Kelly reports that Burress has been interested in joining the Dolphins. It's a thought that he and Rosenhaus even mauled over during his incarceration.

Ben Violen at The Palm Beach Post runs down the leading reasons why some want the Dolphins' to reach out to Burress.

The thing is, the Dolphins aren't exactly hurting at the wide receiver position. Brandon Marshall may not have played like he deserved to be the highest paid WR in the league last season, but he's still a very good receiver. If there's concerns over his off field problems, adding a just released Felon with considerable baggage probably isn't the best move either. The rest of the receiving corps show promise too, and the coaching staff might be better off working on their development.

The money could probably be better used elsewhere during the off season (like, say, we don't know, maybe at quarterback can have as many superstar receivers as you want, but that doesn't mean ish if you don't have someone to reliably get them the ball), but then again with his baggage Burress isn't likely to fetch top dollar. He's also likely to play like a man who has something to prove. Assuming his contract isn't too hefty, he might be a good bang for the buck.

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Kyle Munzenrieder