Pitbull Knows Money is Still a Major Issue

Let us get ready to make a joke like this for hopefully the last time in a long time: What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Pitbull? Lipstick ...and an ability to talk about the economy that may actually resonate with some Americans.

In a recent interview with StreetCred.com the Miami rapper takes his best shot at explaining the economic mess:

"I mean it’s like everything else. As far as the economy, it just shows how greedy people were. And it finally caught up to their greedy asses. That’s why they called it the $700 Billion bail out. We have to pay 700 billion to help out? No, it’s to pay for motherf*ckers who went to Vegas, gambled all of our money, gambled they money and now they want us to bail them out. Economically, we are in a constriction shell and the more money we pump into it, the worse it gets. It’s not helping. Look at AIG for example, they got $80 Billion and then they go take a half million dollar vacation? Come on buddy. So our economical status just shows our greed."

Listen, we're not going to call up Princeton and suggest they award an honorary doctorate in economics to Pitbull, but he seems to have a better grip on it then Palin (who according to Fox News of all places, didn't know that Africa was a continent and not a country), and of course Joey "Shovels" Porter.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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