Picking Presidents For Idiots

via ABC News

ABC News has this quiz up for people who want to decide which Presidential Candidate they're going to vote for in the same manner they find out which Sex and the City character they are (I'm a Miranda!).

Basically you choose between two statements presented without a citation and ABC suggests you vote for whichever candidate's quotes you choose more. Because we all should make our political choices based on out-of-context quotes. You know, politicians never, ever, ever twist their words to make their ideas sound better than they actually are, and even that one or two times they do, it's not like they would ever go back on campaign promises. Never.

Quick, here's a preview. Which candidate said this:

"Having a courageous commander-in-chief who is willing to lead us in this war, rally our democratic allies and defeat our enemy to secure a broader peace is what’s at stake in this election."

Why it's Good Ol' John McCain, the guy who said he's not sure if he'll talk to our democratic ally Spain (and partner in Military operation in Afghanistan), let alone rally them.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder