Photo Shows Derick Kuilan, ATV-Driving Miami Beach Cop, During Bachelorette Party

Prosecutors have just released a photo of police officer Derick Kuilan partying it up shortly before he allegedly hopped on his ATV and drunkenly ran over two people on Miami Beach.

Kuilan turned himself in earlier today. He has been charged with two counts of DUI with serious bodily injuries and another two counts of reckless driving for the near-fatal July 3 accident on South Beach.

Click through for a larger copy of the photo. It speaks for itself. MBPD's got to be proud.

Both Kuilan (right) and Rolando Gutierrez (left), another cop on duty that night, were fired just days after the accident. This photo shows why:

Kuilan and Gutierrez arrived at The Clevelander on Ocean Drive around 5 a.m. and were asked to pose for photos with a bachelorette party. Then, as true public servants, they began dancing and drinking with the women.

According to the arrest warrant, "the behavior of both officers was so unprofessional that all five women did not believe they were real police officers."

Does that mean they thought they were strippers in cop uniforms? We're going to assume so.

Kuilan then invited Adalee Martin to take a ride on his ATV and began speeding up and down the beach without any lights on until crashing into Luis Almonte and Kitzie Nicanor. Almonte suffered a broken femur while Nicanor remains in Jackson Memorial Hospital after undergoing several surgeries.

When fellow cops got around to taking Kuilan's blood at 10:30 a.m. -- over five hours after the collision -- he was still over the legal blood alcohol limit.

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