PETA Mocks Florida Shark Attack Victim in Stupid New Ad

No matter how much you may love animals, can we just all agree that PETA has become the worst? They're obnoxious turds who actually kill thousands of animals, not to mention they have some of the stupidest, most cloying advertising not dreamed up by Crispin Porter. Now they've put up a billboard mocking a man who was attacked by a shark.

Twenty-one-year-old C.J. Wickersham was spear fishing this past weekend in the Gulf of Mexico off Anna Maria Island near the Tampa Bay area. A nine-foot bull shark came up and bit Wickersham in his thigh. The attack left a 15-inch gash that exposed his thigh bone. The attack itself wasn't life threatening, but he most likely would have drowned if his friends didn't rescue him.

Wickersham is still recovering in the hospital.

The attack happened Saturday. Today is Wednesday, and PETA has already come around with plans for a graphic billboard mocking Wickersham.

"It may be an unusual way to get the message across, but I think it will cause people to be more sensitive towards fish," PETA's Ashely Byrne tells WWSB.

"We are certainly glad the man is going to be alright, but we hope he and other fishermen will use this as an opportunity to rethink fishing."

So, uh, the point is that people shouldn't eat other living things, unlike other living things who eat other living things. Sometimes even humans. So, it's OK to eat animals, unless you are human? Makes perfect sense, right?

My head hurts. I may need to go eat a cheeseburger while I think this over.

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Kyle Munzenrieder