Peru's Anglican Bishop Rips Cutié

Father Alberto Cutié reception into the Episcopal Church may have been greeted with cheers when he delivered his first sermon yesterday, but not everyone in the Anglican Communion is cheering. 

Rt. Rev. Bill Godfrey, the Anglican Bishop of Peru, spoke to RPP-TV about Cutié swift change of faiths, and blasted the ex-Priest, claiming changing ones faith isn't like changing one's shirt.

"It is very sad that such a talented priest with all that influence, who has represented the Gospel the way he did, didn't change in a more discreet manner, however he was the one who decided. I am not one to judge or criticize but he wounded many people who held him as an example...There is a whole process of adaptation before you place him before a congregation. It is not like changing shirts and then saying everything is alright., I think it is too early to let him preach (this Sunday), given the circumstances it would have been more prudent to wait till the scandal subsided."

Though, as churches modernize more and more are shifting away from hardcore theological beliefs, and instead emphasizing how basic Christian principals, ones that often cross the symbolic borders of different faiths, can govern and enrich your life. That has always been Cutié's strong suit, and one he can and should be able to continue no matter what shirt, or in this case, robes he's wearing. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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