Perez Hilton Wanted to Call Will.I.Am The N-Word, But Decided F-Word was More Appropriate

Ah, the travesty of putting a celebrity profile to bed right before the subject implodes in scandal. You might recall Details scribe Jason Gay talked to Alex Rodriguez a mere 48 hours before news of his steroid use hit. A-Rod was smart enough to not be available for any follow-ups. 

Perez Hilton isn't as bright. The Advocate sent a cover article on Hilton to bed right before his much ballyhooed dust up with Will.I.Am went down. Perez was more than willing to open his mouth to the mag again, and while The Advocate couldn't put it in print they put an expanded version of the article online

Here's the quote that'll generate the most controversy: "I thought about calling him the n word, but I thought the f word was even worse." 

Hilton may love drawing cum all up in A-Rod's mouth, but at least A-Rod knows when to keep his shut. 

Hilton also promises to get naked real soon, once he loses weight, ala Marc Jacobs' never- ending spree of barely clothed photo shoots. Which is just horrifying. 

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