Perez Hilton Expands His Media Empire

Miami's most cringe-worthy, gossip-mongering native son is expanding his media empire. According to Media Post, Perez Hilton is launching a new site. 

Henry Copeland, whose company handles ad sales for, says the new site will be a classier affair, focusing on longer pieces that are more attractive to advertisers. Which probably means fewer MSPaint cum drippings, fewer explicit pictures of, um, screenwriters, and hopefully fewer pictures of Perez himself. Copeland also hints that the site might be aimed at 26-year-old women. 

Media Post speculates that Hilton's down-and-dirty method of spreading gossip has lost some of its appeal, and a kinder, gentler brand might be the way forward for the cold media mess. But hey, at least someone's expanding in this economy. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder