Pawpurrazi 2009: Wealthy Froodle Lovers Defy Recession for a Good Cause

As resident Loon Elyse Wanshel illustrated in September, when she set out to ruthlessly mock a $55 brunch for dogs but couldn't bring herself to do it, it's really difficult to hate on animal lovers, even frivolous ones.

Even more so when we're talking about a good cause. So imagine our inner turmoil when we caught wind of tomorrow's Pawpurrazi, Miami's ultimate animal gala at Jungle Island, with tickets costing $350 to $1,000. In the press release we received, the reckless pet puns don't stop with the event's over-the-top name: yes, the word "bone-a-fide" is used, and humans and animals are referred to as "two-legged guests" and "four-legged guests," respectively. But we'll forgive them for that -- and even the "doggie ice cream" "doggie massages," and canine runway fashion show that's on the schedule, because the ticket proceeds go to the Humane Society, and we can't muster the snark to shoot that down.

It seems Miami long ago made a conscious decision to pretend it's not in a recession -- what with the rotating skyscrapers and free Lamborghinis and million-dollar party favors. If we're gonna toss money around like it's 1994, might as well be Fido that's balling out of control. The extravaganza -- which also includes an open Bacardi bar and a Saks Fifth Avenue fashion show not featuring dogs -- kicks off at 7 p.m. tomorrow. For tickets, call 305-749-1815.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.