Paulina Rubio Wants the Gossipy Media Barred From Her Miami Court Matters

We haven't heard much out of Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio over the past few years, and maybe she wants it that way. The Latina superstar is facing a pending court case in Miami after locally-based CMG Entertainment sued Rubio for not showing up for a concert they had booked in Tunja, Colombia. A couple of embarrassing details have already come out in the case, and there's a deposition scheduled for tomorrow morning in a Miami courtroom. Rubio is asking the judge to bar the media.

Rubio was booked to perform in Tunja in August of 2010. According to a Miami Herald article at the time that declared her "the ultimate diva," Rubio demanded a private jet to transport her from Medellín to Tunja. CMG claims they ponied up the $20,000 for the jet, but it ended up having to land in Bogota because it was flying in restricted airspace. CMG claims they made arrangement to provide ground transportation (with a military escort, no less), but Rubio apparently was going to travel to the concert by air or not at all, and refused the alternate transportation. Among the people left waiting for Rubio: Colombia's president.

Rubio's psychiatrist claimed the incident was a result of her clinical depression, and that if she doesn't travel with her dog she's an emotional mess.

Rubio is now being sued by CMG for $985,003 in damages. Given the details that have already come out in the case, it's understandable why she might want to keep the case under wraps.

From the AP:

Rubio's lawyers are asking a judge to keep reporters out of Thursday's scheduled deposition by manager Marya Meyer. They say it would lead to a media circus and cast Rubio in a poor light. The judge is holding a hearing Thursday morning on the motion.
CMG however doesn't want the media barred as they claim there's no reason to. CMG's lawyers say that her star status is not a sufficient excuse.

Rubio has remained as big a star as ever in Latin music, but hasn't made many moves in mainstream pop for a while. If you need a refresher, here's her 2002 English-language hit "Don't Say Goodbye."

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Kyle Munzenrieder