Pat Riley Pleads With Judge to Go Easy on Michael Douglas's Drug Dealer Son

Life must be so tough for you when you're born to a megarich Hollywood superstar like Michael Douglas. It's such a tragedy getting cast in crappy movies because of who your dad is, so please forgive Cameron Douglas. Isn't it understandable he's been caught time and time again with drugs? First with liquid cocaine in 2007, then with a half-pound of meth in 2009, and yet again when his girlfriend tried to smuggle him heroin in an electric toothbrush while he was under house arrest.

Isn't it understandable that when he was found strung-out while staying at New York's fancy Gansevoort Hotel in a trashed room his daddy was paying for, he apparently needed money so badly that he was charged with being "the middleman in a deal to move a half-pound of crystal meth from California to New York to sell"?

Oh, wait, we don't mean to judge. But it seems like Douglas is spoiled Hollywood offspring with a lot of cash and time to burn on drugs. Even after pleading guilty to intent to distribute meth in January, the Academy still felt it was proper to let him attend the Oscars in March and sit in a plum seat near George Clooney. Tough life.

Miami Heat president Pat Riley is an old family friend and has no qualms about using his position to plead with the judge in Douglas's case to let him off the hook with a light sentence. Douglas faces a minimum of ten years in jail, with sentencing scheduled for later this month.

Reports the New York Post:

On official Miami Heat stationery, legendary NBA coach Pat Riley, a family friend since he coached the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1980s, wrote that Cameron "deserves an honest and appropriate sentence."

In his three-page letter, Riley also wrote, "I hope and pray... that he is sent to a facility... that will focus primarily on education and rehabilitation."

He concludes, "Cameron is not a criminal... I ask for mercy... Can we please save this 'ONE.'"

Really, Pat Riley? A man who pleaded guilty to distributing drugs is not a criminal? I am pretty sure that's a textbook case of being a criminal. Hell, we doubt Riley would be this lenient if one of his players ended up in this situation.

The fact is, yes, drug addicts need a lot more help than they need time in jail, but Riley saying, "Can we please save this 'ONE,'" reeks of doing a favor for an old friend and insinuates he doesn't care much if other drug addicts, most of whom aren't nearly as privileged, rot in jail.

In any event, Douglas better hope the Manhattan judge isn't still peeved over the time Riley left the Knicks for the Heat.

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