Paris Hilton, Snooki, Various Kardashians All in Miami This Week

Are you prepared for what could be the most reality-TV-infected Winter Music Conference week on record? At least three of the genre's favorite air heads are rumored to be in South Beach this week. This could be the biggest meeting of the minds since the Yalta Conference.

The Sisters Kardashian have been in town this past week filming the Shakespearean tragedy known as Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami. Even Kim is here!

Ah, but they won't be the only reality TV crew in town as rumor has it that Jersey Shore is expected to begin filming in Miami sometime this week.

Our favorite person ever, Snooki, has already begun working on her dance moves and attitude, recording "Snook the Night" for our pleasure.

But that's not all. The grandmother of reality-TV bimbos -- perhaps the 21st Century's most important innovator of fame, Paris Hilton -- has also taken off for Miami, according to her Twitter page.

Could you imagine if these three somehow bumped into each other? It could very well send the Earth rattling off its axis.

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