Panthers President Slams Miami Heat Fans

Pittsburgh's pro sports teams show solidarity by donning black and yellow. South Florida's teams apparently just passively-aggressively trash each other on Twitter. Florida Panthers CEO and President Michael Yormark attended a Heat game last night, and on Twitter he trashed Miami Heat fans and the team's game-day experience.

At heat game now. Panthers game experience is so much better. More kids. More families. More excitement. More passion. More energy.less than a minute ago via OpenBeak

The Panthers and Heat used to be housemates when they both held court at the old Miami Arena, but I guess the two franchises aren't on the best of terms right now.

Notice Yormark's slams aren't so much about the Miami Heat's on-court action but about the people in the stands. Basically, he's trashing the fans. Of course, he's taking the opportunity to imply that Panthers games might be a better experience for parents wanting to bring their kids to a pro sports games (if you want to consider hockey a sport, and the Panthers' level of play on a true professional level), but damn, Yormark, there's no reason to insult Heat fans' passion and energy.

I haven't been to a Panthers game, uh, ever. I'm a native Floridian and still don't understand what this "hockey" game is all about, and the Panthers' play hasn't given me much incentive to find out. They hold the NHL record for most consecutive seasons without a playoff bearth.

So maybe Yormark is right. The few people who bother to show up for a Panthers game must be really, really passionate about the team.

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Kyle Munzenrieder