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Someone please protect baby Fauxbama from the white supremacist Republican party official.

Palm Beach Goes Crazy

What the hell is going on in Palm Beach County this week? Why are they daring to out crazy us? Don't they know how important Miami-Dade's title of "Zaniest County Ever" is to our precious sense of local identity? Damn it people, can you puh-lease kick up your level of bat-shit insanity? Then tell me about it. Thanks in advance.

First, Palm Beach tries to steal the thunder of Miami's own Fauxbama with a super-cute Fauxbama toddler. WPTV.com says the station have "not received any photos from parents who claim their child looks like Senator John McCain". Um, short, bald and generally confused looking - every newborn looks like McCain.

There was also the second episode in that bestiality case, which is so gross we feel sorry for bringing it up again.

Then, the Republican Party of Palm Beach elects a white supremacist to one of its committee seats, but doesn't realize what it has done. That's Republicans for you, getting into all sorts of crazy, offensive shit and not realizing how stupid they've been until its too late.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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