Our Favorite Palin Mom Blogger On Anderson Cooper 360

Remember Tami Nantz, the Broward stay at home Mom who was featured on the front page of The Sun-Sentinel's local section for starting a Pro-Sarah Palin blog?

Bob Norman ripped The Sentinel for featuring the story so prominently, and then I had some weird two post break down over it.

Yeah, well she's graduated past local media and taped a segment that is set to air on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 sometime soon, possibly tonight.

Nantz has a noted anti-mainstream media tilt. One that made me wonder if it didn't cross her mind that perhaps journalists were only featuring her for a laugh, and to incite the ensuing shit storm. Apparently it still hasn't, and in any case she seems to like the attention and is ready to take on the haters.

Anderson Cooper's show isn't partisan, but he is the imaginary gay boyfriend of many a liberal. It'll be interesting to see what kind of response Nantz gets after stepping it up into prime time cable news.

edit: The interview will air tonight during Campbell Brown's 8pm show, and again on Anderon Cooper's 10pm show, according to Nantz.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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