One Poll Shows Crist With Ten-Point Lead; Another, Scott With One-Point Lead

In the past two days, two new polls released regarding the Florida gubernatorial race tell two very different stories. One shows Democrat Charlie Crist back up to a two-digit lead over incumbent Rick Scott, but another shows Scott with a one-point lead.

The first comes form Quinnipiac, the most respected polling institute of the three sources that have released polls this week. It shows Crist leading Scott 48 to 38. Interestingly, 50 percent of voters says Crist is the more compassionate of the two, while only 35 say the same about Scott.

Crist has a huge lead among women, 51-33, and a small lead among men, 44-43. Crist also maintains a 14-point lead among independents, 48-34. Fifty-three percent of all voters say Scott does not deserve reelection.

The poll also asked if voters viewed Crist's political evolution from "chain-gang Charlie" conservative Republican to independent to moderate Democrat as a good thing or a bad thing. Fifty-two percent said the evolution was positive. Only 40 percent said it was negative. Only 33 percent of independents viewed it negatively, as did just 16 percent of Democrats.

A poll from Gravis Marketing, a less proven pollster, shows a completely different story. It shows Scott up 44-43 over Crist. In case you're wondering, this poll was commissioned by the conservative organization Human Events. Quinnipiac's polling is done independently.

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