On Our Layoff and the Illiterate South Florida Chronicle

Some illiterate little paper I had never heard of -- and never hope to hear of again -- the South Florida Chronicle -- was reveling this morning in the fact that I had to lay off an employee a couple of weeks ago.

Sorry, you simpletons. There were no big layoffs. One person in Miami and one in Fort Lauderdale. I was sad as hell to let go Sebastian del Mármol, one of the most talented journalists I have ever worked with and a great friggin' guy. It is a tough economic time, and we are pushing through.

But this publication is successful. Last night, more than 1,600 people attended our Iron Fork event in Wynwood. Our freelance budgets have been increased -- no, don't think about asking me for work, Chroniclites -- and we have shuffled around some people.

The Chronicle claimed New Times has been trashing it around town for weeks. I don't know howinhell we could trash something we didn't even know existed. Nor can I comprehend why that paper would write such garbage without giving me a call. You know, it's called reporting, you Neanderthal twerps.

But anyway, I am sorry for these numbskulls, Sebastian. You are a great dude!

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Chuck Strouse is the former editor in chief of Miami New Times. He has shared two Pulitzer Prizes and won dozens of other awards. He is an honors graduate of Brown University and has worked at newspapers including the Miami Herald and Los Angeles Times.
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