Oh, Whoops, It Was Earth Hour This Weekend?

Apparently, this Saturday between 8:30 and 9:30pm we were supposed to turn of all the electricity in our house and sit by candle light with our hippie friends to save the entire earth. Unfortunately we were in Bayfront Park watching electronic musicians blast electronic beats from their electronic instruments out of electronic speakers, accompanied by on-stage, electronic screens, while several thousand, high wattage, electronic lights blinked on and off, and taking picture on our electronic cameras and electronically texting about it on our electronic phones. Whoops, our bad.

We don't mean to come off too Red State here, but we have to wonder just how much electricity Ultra and other Winter Music Conference events burned up during that hour alone, and how many people turning off their lights it would take to off set it. Anyway, we recognize this is more of a political demonstration than a practical one, and would the timing have been better, we probably would have participated. To make up for it though, we'll totally remember to turn our bathroom light off when we're not using it, and keep our laptop screen brightness down for the rest of the week.

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